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Perez Parado (with whom Rosemary made an album)
Sylvia Lewis (with whom Rosemary appeared in Red Garters)
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Quote from Sylvia Lewis who appeared with Rosemary in Paramount's Red Garters, and with Dante in Cha Cha Cha Boom:

    [Red Garters] stands out as one of the fun jobs of all time. Cha Cha Cha Boom was by contrast, a tough picture to do. Unlike Red Garters that was done by Paramount with a big budget, Cha... was a "quickie," low budget, cash in on the dance craze flick. Dante and I worked soooooo hard on that one. It was good we knew each other and liked each other so well ....it made the hard work doable. Dante and I would go anywhere to dance together.

Clips from Cha Cha Cha Boom with dancer Sylvia Lewis

Clip I

Clip II

Clip III

SYNOPSIS: In this fictional film in which performers using their own name do fictional things with fictional people there is no one playing 'Self', but there is a record-company talent scout, Bill Haven, who is ordered by his boss, Teasdale, to deliver some new talent or lose his job, and since no talent that has talent wants to work for Teasdale, Bill has tough sledding. Bill's fiancée, Debbie Farmer, employed by another record company, tries to get Bill to join her department but macho-man Bill doesn't want to work with a woman boss, even if she is sweet on him. He decides to form his own record company and thinks that, first he should find some new talent and new kind of music, so his company will have something and somebody to record. He and his buddy, Pablo, go down to Cuba, just ahead of Castro's troops, and he discovers the dance team of Sylvia Lewis and Dante De Paul (their dancing should sell a lot of records if somebody ever invents DVDs), and their music is supplied by Perez Prado and his Cha-Cha-Cha Orchestra. Now, Bill has the talent that will sell millions of records for his new company but he has no money to build a company. What's a guy to do? Nothing, if he has a fiancée who will quit her job and raise the money for him. Written by Les Adams {longhorn1939@suddenlink.net}

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