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Heaven on Earth
(Sep 16, 1948 - Sep 25, 1948)
Broadway Show - New Century Theatre
Book by Barry Trivers; Lyrics by Barry Trivers; Music by Jay Gorney, Robert Russell Bennett, Nick Castle. Choreographed by Nick Castle. more info

Texas, Li'l Darlin
(Nov 25, 1949 - Sep 9, 1950)
Broadway Show - Mark Hellinger Theatre
(now part of Times Square Church)
Amos Hall and Cowboy
Music by Robert Emmett Dolan; Book by Sam Moore and John Whedon; Lyrics by Johnny Mercer; Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett; Choreographed by Al White, Jr. more info


The Sahara
Dancer in Mae West's show.

Monte Proser's Tropicana Revue (1957)
Tropicana showcased this revue starring Ernie Kovacs/Edie Adams/Neile Adams/Mary Ellen/Dante D'Paulo/Leona Gage/Lizanne Truex/Bobby Milano/Kitty Dolan/The Bill Norvas Singers/The Tropicana Girls/Betty Jean Hansen, Eddie Fisher, Korothy Kirsten, Dick Shawn, and Nat Brandwynne & His Orchestra.

Monte Proser's Tropicana Revue
(July, 1957)
Tropicana showcased this revue w/Carol Channing/Sylvana Lewis/Jack Costanzo/Bill Norvas Singers/Elaine Dunn/Dante D'Paulo/Betty Jean Hanson/The Tropicana Girls/Nat Brandwynne & His Orchestra. The Maitre d' was Richard Hubert.

Monte Proser's Tropicana Holiday
Tropicana showcased this revue starring Jack Ackerman/Carla Alberghetti, /Nat Brandwynne & his Orchestra/George Chakaris/Cathy Crosby/Bob Devoye Trio/Elaine Dunn/Sean Garrison/Dante D'Paulo/Duke Hazlett/Ernie Kovacs/Edie Adams/Jayne Mansfield w/Mickey Hargitay/Noonan & Marshall/Johnny Puleo & His Harmonica Gang/Dick Shawn/Jackie Tallman/George Tapps & His Dancers/Lizanne Truex/Don Williams Singers/Most Beautiful Girls in the World/Walter Winchell. The words and music by Gordon Jenkins.

Other shows this year included Monte Proser presents Carol Channing and a New Musical Comedy with Nat Brandwynne & his Orchestra/Elaine Dunn/Mary Ellen/Noonan & Marshall/George Tapps & His Dancers/Lizanne Truex/Don Williiams Singers; and Monte Proser presents Red Buttons/Nat Brandwynne & his Orchestra/Most Beautiful Girls in the World/George Tapps & his Dancers/Don Wililams Singers. Also showcased were Eddie Fisher, Shecky Greene, and Roberta Sherwood. The Showcase Theatre showcased Jerry Colonna, Jerry Lester in Vegas Open House, and The Three Suns.

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