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Rosella & Dante

In November of 1999 Rosemary appeared on Good Morning America and was interviewed by fellow Kentuckian Diane Sawyer. The interview took place the day after Dante and Rosemary's 2nd wedding anniversary. Dante surprised his Rosella with a rose and a song....and she returned the sentiment with Our Love Is Here To Stay


Dante and Rosemary not long after they reconnected.

The family at the airport.

Dante, Rosemary and Miguel backstage at a concert in 1976. Read Fernando's article from this concert here.

Dante, Mrs. DiPaolo, Rosemary and Monsita eating spaghetti.

Having fun in the living room.....can Dante really play the piano???

Their cars!!!

Dante and Rosemary

Adoring nephew George




Cutting the wedding cake, November 7, 1997.

Dante, ever the gentleman, could always be counted on
to make sure that Rosemary got safely to and from the stage
....we always wished he'd stayed a little longer!!

It was always as if he was hearing her for the first time.
He delighted in her performance and radiated such pride.

Dante DiPaolo

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